EVERYONE CAN NOT GO... WHERE YOU'RE GOING IDEALStudent Bootcamp WE NEED YOU AND YOUR TEEN'S VILLAGE! Parents/Guardians play a vital role in guiding the success of their teens idea into becoming a SOCIALLY IMPACTING reality!

And their Village helps promote it to the masses
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Recognizes the Opportunity to Shift the

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Does your child have a product or service that can change their world, their family’s world, and create generational wealth?

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Our custom immersive IDEALStudent STEAM curriculum teaches teens how to go from idea to digital solution. But we don’t stop there. Teens learn fundamentals of software development, lean startups, and enhance an array of 21st Century Skills. All of these skills strengthen your teens Computational Thinking abilities and better align their skillsets with in-demand skills need for our digital economy.

Week 1


Teens learn how to apply the Lean Startup principles (Build, Measure, Learn) feedback loop to their idea

Week 2

Tools & Technologies

Teens discover and explore various tools and technologies they can use to bring their ideas to life

Week 3 – 5

Let’s Build Something

Teens elevate their skills here and use SCRUM to analyze, design, develop, test, and deploy their product

Week 6

Launch & Showcase

Before teens go live, they learn how to use metrics to validate their product, then Launch via our Demo Day Showcase to their Village




Get Informed’s Pitch

My company, Get Informed, is developing a website that compiles information and links from many different sources to help curious people get involved with current social movements

Click on some of the journey highlight images of tasks completed by one of our graduates to analyze, design, develop, and validate their Get Informed website. Examples are their Lean Canvas, Customer Persona, Logo, Web Banners, UX Design Layouts, and a screenshot of the Social Agenda Page they Built

Download the IDEALStudent Bootcamp Brochure


We’ve worked with many teens through schools/organizations who took our program for exposure to software development. Our Bootcamps are designed specifically for both teens and their parents/guardians who also want to monetize their products and make money online through their digital product/service to create financial success.


We’ve worked with many teens. We will work with yours and provide specific feedback to their idea on how to implement and improve upon it.


This is not the traditional approach to learning by reading boring books. Students learn through interactive student led collaborative interaction


There are many career fields involved in software development. Such as, Content Writers, Designers, Analyst, Coders to Testers. We expose teens to all of them


Partner with us to enable your teen to launch a product/service that can impact their school, community, family, life and the financial future of generations to come!


Physical Product Ideas

T-Shirts, Clothes, Swag
Cups, Bags, Accessories
Jewelry, Art, Music (Intellectual Property)

Services Converted Into Product Ideas

Dylan is a gamer. He’s going to sell How To videos on game strategies and techniques
Lisa likes to organize. She’s going to create and sale a service product around organizing. She’s also going to sell TShirts with her company name on it.
Oscar is passionate about working out. He’s going to sell workout techniques.
Cam likes to collect sports memorabilia. He blogs a lot on his various collections. He’s going to sell TShirts for people to support his site
Rosey enjoys event planning, especially Quinceañeras. She’s creating an event planning website to blog about and sell that service.
Ari is really into the environment. She doesn’t have a physical product or service. So she’s T-shirts with her company name. She’s also adding a Donate button for people who want to support her cause.
Logan is really smart in Math. She’s build a website loaded with Math How-To tips, strategies, and techniques. She’s selling Tutoring lessons.
Meet Lisa. She designs custom t-shirts with inspirational messages. She’s building a website to sale her designs. Her products will be the T-shirts.
Josh is a gamer. He loves playing games, teaching his tips and strategies. He’s building a How To website called GamersZone, where he can teach beginner gammers how to advance their skills. He doesn’t have a physical product so he will sell GamerZone T-shirts with his logo.
Eliz is an artist. She draws amazing free-hand artwork. She’s building a website to showcase her work as well as allow customers to submit request for a fee. She’s monetizing the custom artwork design, and selling T-shirts with her website name.

The possibility for products , especially built from services are unlimited. If your teen is having issues coming up with ideas, start with their passions, hobbies, talents and abilities. If you still have questions, chat with us first.

Is Your Teen Next?

This program is for middle – high school students, ages 11 yrs old – 19 yrs old

We are looking for specific teens to work with. For our Bootcamp, teens must already have an idea/product/service and be ready to commit to the program. Parents/Guardians must commit to being their Accountability Buddy!


Grab a spot for your teen!

Our Teens Commitment

Come with an idea/product/service
Commit to 2 Hrs weekly Live Remote Training Sessions
Commit to 2 Hrs Weekly Independent Work and Assignments
Actively Participate When Online and Offline By Completing Weekly Assignments

Our Parents/Guardian Commitment

Be your teens Accountability Buddy (AB)
Participate in Weekly 1 Hr AB check-ins to ensure your teen is on track with work and opportunity for Q&A
Help teens with Product/Service Development & Order Fulfillment
Bring your Village and Help Teens Build a Friends & Family Customer List

IDEALStudent Bootcamp in two simple plans.

We offer two plans to fit your needs.


For teens ready to stick their toe in the water

12 Hrs Live Instructor-led Training ($1200 value)

6 Hrs Q&A Mentoring & Coaching ($600 value)

5+ (Pages) Website ($750 value)

Mobile Friendly

Online Blogging Platform

100+ Design Templates ($ value)

IDEALStudent Curriculum ($1000+ value)

1 Yr Access to IDEALStudent Membership On-Demand Videos & Online Community ($1200 value)

E-commerce Shopping Cart ($500 Value)

1 Yr Website Hosting & Support ($180 value)

PayPal/Merchant Integration

Promotion on Insightful Decisions platform & network (Priceless)


For teens ready to dive in the water

12 Hrs Live Instructor-led Training ($1200 value)

6 Hrs Q&A Mentoring & Coaching ($600 value)

5+ (Pages) Website ($750 value)

Mobile Friendly

Online Blogging Platform

100+ Design Templates ($ value)

IDEALStudent Curriculum ($1000+ value)

1 Yr Access to IDEALStudent Membership On-Demand Videos & Online Community ($1200 value)

E-commerce Shopping Cart ($500 Value)

1 Yr Website Hosting & Support ($180 value)

PayPal/Merchant Integration

Promotion on Insightful Decisions platform & network (Priceless)


Custom Domain install and configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

1.  What is IDEALStudent Bootcamp?

IDEALStudent Bootcamp is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) tech program offered under our IDEALStudent Academy curriculum. This program is designed specifically for parents looking to help give their middle – high school teens a tech competitive edge, and learn to create financial success online .

Teens learn how to build web sites or apps around an idea they are passionate about. The programs are peer-centered, interactive, and student led. It focuses on Entrepreneurship, Software Development, 21st Century Skills, Web 2.0 Technologies, and Blended Learning. Teens develop enhanced Computational Thinking abilities, and ultimately transfer from passive to active users of technology who become the innovators, thinkers, designers, doers, and disruptors in our digital economy.

2.  What are the Dates and Times?


The current 6 weeks program runs for 6 weeks from 11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 12/19.


For middle school students we meet every Saturday @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

For high school students we meet every Saturday @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

3.  What’s the Program cost, Payment Due Dates, and Refund policies?
  • Program Cost:
  • $169 – Startup Plan
  • $199 – Pro Plan. Includes custom branded domain. See pricing details.

Payment Due Dates

Payment is due at registration

4.  What are the ages of the teens? 
  • We can only work with a limited number of teens
  • We currently have 2 sessions
  • One for middle school students (6th – 8th grade)
  • One for Highschool students (9th – Senior)
  • Spots are filled on a first come first served basis. Secure your teen spot now

Frequently Asked Questions (Remote/Independent Work)

1.  How does the Online Live Remote Sessions Work?
  • We meet Live every Saturday online for 2 hours, for 6 weeks
  • Online sessions are very interactive. Teens must have a laptop/desktop, video on and audio on.
  • We start off with quick ice breakers
  • Collectively we discuss a new topic through a student led collaborative activity
  • Next, teens will be placed in small groups and work collaboratively with other teens on their websites and that topic for a deeper learning experience
  • Teens come back to All Teens group and present their work for the day
  • We end with reflection and Q&A
2.  Do teens have to do anything else besides the Online Remote Training?
  • Yes. Participating in Live Online Remote sessions is only part of the training.
  • Teens are expected to spend an additional 2 hrs+ a week, doing independent work specific to the analysis, design, development, testing, and launching of their web site.
3.  What happens if my teen gets stuck, are there any remote office hours, support forums?
  • Yes. We offer 1 hour, weekly office hours to assist teens with trouble shooting issues.
  • We also provide an online community for teens to post questions and get answers resolved by the community
  • In addition, teens will have access to a knowledge base with additional training and support documents

Frequently Asked Questions (Teen/Idea Selection)

1.  What type of teens are you looking for?
  • We’re looking for middle – high school students who have an idea/product/service and ready and excited to build an online presence to market and sell their product
  • They do not have to be technical, however, this is a technical program – so they must be willing and open to learning, exploring, and building with technology
  • It’s ok that the teens are pushed by their parents/guradians, however we do need buy-in by the teens – as they are the ones who are expected to do the work and complete the task. Again, we are limited with the teens we can work with one-on-one, so we want to pick teens who really want to be in the program
2.  What types of ideas/products/services?
  • All teens must already have an idea/product/service.
  • If they have an idea only for a product, they need to already be comfortable with how they are going to create the product. The program is only 6 weeks. it will go very fast. We want to ensure every teen who comes out of this program has a product/service that they can actively launch, market, sale, and fulfill once the site is live.
  • We don’t play favorites with ideas/products/services. All ideas are welcome. Refer to our Product and Services section for idea suggestions.
  • Again our main requirement is that any idea selected is one that they are already comfortable with developing, producing, and fulfilling.
3.  Can you help us come up with an idea in IDEALStudent Bootcamp?
  • No. Unfortunately we don’t have the time.
  • We love helping teens brainstorm ideas, and while we do offer a module in other programs on brainstorming and disrupting existing ideas – we do not have time to cover that in this program.
  • We want to focus the majority of our time on assisting the teens with designing, developing, and validating their ideas through sales online.
  • We only have 6 weeks, so there is not enough time to cover brainstorming ideas.
  • If you are unsure, or just want to run an idea/product back – Book a 20 minute slot and let’s chat

If you think you would like to participate in a workshop on helping your teen come up with a product/service, drop your email here, and if we get enough interest we will see what we can put together – at a later time.

4.  My teen doesn’t want to sale a product/service, can they still be in the program?
  • No. Unfortunately for the Live Bootcamps, we specifically want to work with teens who have an idea for/ or product/service and they are actively selling or looking to monetize (make money) it.
  • We will eventually have a program for teens who just want the tech experience and access to the curriculum, without a product. If this your child, Drop Us an Email, and based on demand we can determine how soon we need to offer it.
5.  Can you give example of Ideas/Products/Services?

Yes, we can, we have a whole Ideas/Products/Services section on this.

6.  Can my teens idea be around our family owned business?
  • No, not for the Live Bootcamps.
  • We love that our teens want to build a site for their entrepreneur family and help them to grow their online business
  • Unfortunately Family Owned Business website requirements are much more rigorous than the sites our teens are building. We want to keep the ideas limited to the teens.
  • In addition to the sites the teens are building, we support and maintain them for 1 year. Therefore, teens are only allowed to sell 3 products, max. Most family owned businesses will require far more products.
  • We do plan to offer “Developing a Tech Entrepreneur Mindset Bootcamp” to design, build, and develop your own web applications with unlimited products. We also provide support and maintenance. Drop us an email if you would like to learn more about this service.

Frequently Asked Questions (Shopping Cart)

1.  How does the Shopping Cart Work?
  • Shopping carts add enhanced website functionality that allows users to browse and purchase products on the website
  • Each website will come integrated with a Shopping Cart
  • Teens are allowed to sale up to 3 products
  • Shopping Carts will have the option to be integrated with PayPal to process payment transactions online and collect funds immediately
  • Only a parent/guardian or assigned adult can setup PayPal for the teens business. No minor can setup the financial information in their name only.
  • Taxes and Shipping are additional shopping cart features and my be optionally included, if desired
  • Teens are required to have pictures of their products/services. The better the picture quality, the better the presentation in the shopping cart. We do provide some limited assistance on creating images of products.
  • Please note: We only assist with the Shopping Cart install, configuration, and payment processor setup. We do not provide any support for the actual order fulfillment and delivery. That process needs to be handled by the teens, the Accountability Buddies, and their Village.
2.  Does the Shopping Cart include SSL’s?
  • Yes. SSL, when installed on a web server, activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.
  • Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins. Recently it’s become the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.
  • It encrypts data your buyers entere into your shopping cart to protect it from online threats.
  • Your Teens eCommerce website is a platform that handles sensitive information of users and data security. It is a critical element in maintaining a trustworthy relationship with your customers.
  • Without a SSL certificate, there is no other guaranteed way to maintain communication between the users and keep the website private from attackers. 
  • All our eCommerce sites are SSL enabled
3.  How many products can a teen sale on their website?

Teens can sell up to 3 products max on their websites.

4.  Whose Bank Information is used to collect funds?
  • It is recommended the parents/guardians setup an account specific to the business
  • They are solely responsible for managing customer support questions, order fulfillment, and processing refunds
  • We do provide sophisticated eCommerce systems that allows the website admin (parent/guardian/accountability buddy) to manage many of these features from a single dashboard
5.  Do you take any transactional fees from the shopping cart sales?
  • No. Our IDEALStudent bootcamp does not take any additional or hidden fees from the transactions/payments our teens make through our platform
  • PayPal takes processing fees. Depending on which additional optional 3rd party vendors are used, for example, product fulfillment and tracking, additional fees may be incurred. We will work with all parties to provide some recommendations with emphasis on low cost alternatives.
6.  Do you help teens with order fulfillment or physical product creation?
  • No, we do not assist with physical product creation or order fulfillment.
  • We also do not provide any support for the actual order fulfillment and delivery.
  • We recommend this process be handled by the Teens, their Accountability Buddies, and their Village.

However, we do assist with some things:

  • We assist with the Shopping Cart install, configuration, and payment processor setup.
  • We also provide some direction on creating pictures of your digital products or services, and creating products around them.
7.  Do you help teens with physical order delivery?
  • No. We do not provide any assistance with physical order delivery.

However, we do assist with some things:

  • We assist with the digital Shopping Cart configuration for order delivery, if you chose to add this optional feature.
8.  A customer has complained about their order, do you help my teen resolve their issue?
  • No. We do not provide any direct assistance with resolving specific customer complaints.

However, we do assist with some things:

  • We assist with providing a digital solution to manage customer complaints via your Shopping Cart
  • All customers are giving order numbers that can be easily tracked back to your teens shopping cart to easier identify and troubleshoot issues
  • And depending on optional Advance features used, you may have the option to issue refunds directly from the Shopping Cart or manually
  • We will provide training on how to do both
  • Again, some of these features can be a bit much for the teen to manage alone – which is why their Accountability Buddies are required for this component.

9.  What do you help teens with regarding their products/services?

We help teens with the following:

  • Digital Product/Service Image creation – these are the images that will be used in the shopping cart
  • Suggestions for Online Product Creation Services (for T-shirts or Accessories)
  • Additional ideas/suggestions on monetization (additional suggestions to make money from ideas they already have)
  • Shopping Cart install and configuration support
  • SSL encryptions
  • New Product Setup and configuration
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Accountability Buddies are required to provide details, do additional work)
  • Optional Taxes configuration, (Accountability Buddies are required to provide details, do additional work)
  • Optional Shipping configuration, (Accountability Buddies are required to provide details, do additional work)
  • Optional Order Delivery configuration, (Accountability Buddies are required to provide details, do additional work)
  • Training on eCommerce modules and dealing with customer support issues

Frequently Asked Questions (Accountability Buddies)

1.  What’s an Accountability Buddy (AB)?
  • Accountability Buddy (AB) is an adult, preferably the parents or guardians. They actively walk out this process with the teens, holding them accountable to the their IDEALStudent SMART Goal and the IDEALStudent Bootcamp goals, deliverables, and timelines
2.  Is the Accountability Buddy (AB) required to meet with teens during training sessions?

No, an AB is not required to meet with the teens during their live training sessions. However they are welcome to listen in if they prefer.

3.  When is the Accountability Buddy (AB) expected to meet?
  • AB is expected to meet weekly, live for 1 hour
  • AB will be provided with a 6 week goal checking guide to ensure teens are on track with deliverables
  • Purpose of these sessions are for AB Check-ins to ensure the teen is on track with work, Q&A, and feedback sessions
  • During this time, they will meet with other AB and get a feel for how other teens are doing in program

4.  Who is/Where does the Village come from?
  • According to Wikipedia, “It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Whether it really takes a village is debatable, and we really don’t care which way you lean
  • What we do care about is that in the counsel of many, there is wisdom

These are people who are really supportive of the teen. We encourage teens to treat their Village as:

  • Board of Advisors: They can be instrumental in providing them with strategic insight and wisdom to build the best online presence ever
  • Early Adopters: People who start using a product, service, or technology as soon as it becomes available.
  • Brand Evangelist: Is a term popularized by Guy Kawasaki with Apple products. These are the people who will sing praises for your brand and convince others to try or convert to your product or service. Brand evangelists do this because of a genuine belief in the product or service and are not paid for their praises. The main differences between early adopters and evangelists is that while early adopters may be the first to try your product, they are not necessarily going to become fans of your product or spread positive word-of-mouth like a brand evangelist does
  • Investors: possibly an angel investor (providing capital) , or simply their time, energy, and expertise

What an Village is not

  • A customer
  • According to Investopedia, a customer is an individual or business that purchases another company’s goods or services. Customers are important because they drive revenues; without them, businesses cannot continue to exist
  • For the purpose of our IDEALStudent Bootcamp, we want to differentiate customers from AB and the teen’s Village

Frequently Asked Questions (Pricing)

1.  How much does the IDEALStudent Bootcamp cost?  What’s Included?

Program Cost:

  • $169 – standard idealstudent.com domain
  • $199 – Custom branded domain
  • See complete pricing feature list
2.  Is there a Payment Plan?

No. Payment is due in full at time of registration.

3.  Is there a Refund Policy?  How does it work?

Yes. We put a lot of time an energy to make this an amazing program for our teens. However, things happen.

In the event of a refund, our policy is as follows, Teen exit the program by:

  • End of Week 2: issued 100% refund
  • End of Week 3: issued 25% refund
  • Beginning of Week 4 and beyond there is no refund

Note: In the event any refund is issued, the teens website will be deleted.

4. Are there any upgrades in pricing?

Yes. We currently offer 1 upgrade in pricing. That is to have a custom domain name instead of the default name that ends with idealstudent.com. See our custom domain question below for more details.

5. What is a custom domain, and why is it extra?
  • By default all websites will be on the idealstudent.com domain. For example, a teens site is called GameZone. That website would be accessible by gamezone.idealstudent.com
  • However, some teens may want a custom domain
  • A custom domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website. If your teen would like a custom domain — for example, “gamezone.com” — (remove idealstudent.com) – the custom domain upgrade allows for that.
  • Teens and their AB are required to search for a custom domain name and purchase/register it
  • Registering a new domain generally costs between $10 and $20 a year
  • After the domain is purchased, we will provide support to add and configure the domain to your teens website
  • This is a technical, hands on piece that requires additional time and energy, and will require additional charges
  • Custom domains are completely optional. The default, unbranded domain will work completely fine out of the box
6.  After I pay, is this a One-time fee, or is there a Renewal Fee?
  • The fee may or may not be a One-time fee
  • After paying for the IDEALStudent Bootcamp, teens are given access to the IDEALStudent Academy platform and membership community for 1 year

After the 1 year – the teens can:

  • shutdown their site
  • export their site – and take it to a completely different web host provider
  • renew their site – keep it on our IDEALStudent platform and continue to have access to the curriculum and online community

Renewal Fee

  • Yes there is a renewal fee.
  • $169 and $199 are introductory pricing, while the exact renewal fee is TBD, it will not exceed $279 for teens actively enrolled in our bootcamp

Frequently Asked Questions (Post Bootcamp)

1.  What are the expectations of the teens websites at the end of IDEALStudent Bootcamp?

After the 6 week Live Training, the teens will have a complete WordPress website with a shopping cart and up to 3 products for sale. In addition they will have an active blogging platform they use to promote their products and services and other content.

2.  Now that the 6 week Live Training is over, what happens next?

After successfully launching, we expect the teens to use their sites to promote, engage, connect, and make money. This will happen primarily through their blogging platform coupled with their shopping cart. We encourage teens to keep active by posting on a regular basis . By this point teens will be knowledgeable of WordPress, they will be fully equipped to modify existing pages and/or create new ones.

We will continue putting out training material and updated videos.

Teens will continue to have access to everything for the duration of the 1 yr membership.

3.  Do I still have access to the Online IDEALStudent Academy Curriculum?

Yes. Teens will have access for 1 year to our IDEALStudent Academy platform. This entails access to the curriculum, tech support, knowledgebase, and our community. In addition, they continue to have access to the full suite of services that comes bundled in their membership such as website hosting, ecommerce, SSL, sophisticated forms, and blogging to name a few. We also keep their websites upgraded to the latest versions and ensure all plugins are up to date.

4.  What happens after my 1 Year access is up?

After the year is up teens can renew their membership, export, or close their sites down.

5.  Can my teen export their site and take it with them if they decide to leave?

Yes. After the 6 weeks, teens can leave their sites on the IDEALStudent Academy platform or they can export it and take it to any WordPress Hosting provider. There are many options available. It would be their responsibility to install and configure their site on a different server. The will continue to have 1 year access to our IDEALStudent Academy members area, however we do not support any sites that are not on our platform, i.e. hosted on our servers.

6.  Why should we continue to host our teen site with you, whats the benefits?

There are many benefits to allowing us to host your teens website:

  • Support and Maintenance to ensure your teens website stays update to latest versions and security patches
  • Sophisticated plugins to take your teens default website to advance levels, such as Shopping Carts, Social Networks/Communities, Payment Gateways, Forums, Forms (Polls, Quizzes)
  • Access IDEALStudent Academy platform which entails (custom WordPress website, hosting, custom enriched entrepreneur and software development curriculum, knowledge base, tech support, and our community)
  • Step by Step WordPress Instructional training videos
  • Numerous design templates for rapid website design
  • Website promotion to our network
  • Additional updates to members area

Frequently Asked Questions (Technology Requirements)

1.  What technology is required?

Teens are required to have the following technology:

  • Laptop/Desktop or Tablet
  • Camera
  • Audio
  • Internet/Wifi access
2.  Can my teen do the program using their cell phone?

No. Not using a cell phone only. A cell phone will not allow teens to get the full experience of the program. Additionally, teens will be required to share their screens to highlight the work they did and complete tasks. Many of the systems teens will learn to use to design, develop, and test their ideas are designed for optimal use via desktop/laptopn, not phone.

At times use their cell phone for audio, because they don’t have audio on their laptop or desktop computer, which is perfectly fine.

3.  Is wifi required?
  • Yes, wifi is required.

In addition, the following are required also:

  • Laptop/Desktop or Tablet
  • Camera
  • Audio


Vea Glenn

“I’ve taken my 20 years as a software developer, and entrepreneur – and all that I teach youth about our digital world – packaged it up, and want to deliver it to yours”

Learn more about my startup Insightful Decisions, and our other STEAM products geared towards educators and school districts under IDEALStudent Academy

Teens Will Learn WordPress To Build Their Sites

We don’t push teens to be WordPress Developers.

We do push teens to always look for ways to expand their technical skillsets.

Review the many benefits of WordPress.

01. #1 CMS

WordPress is THE Most Popular Content Management System (CMS) in the World, powering 37.6% of all websites on the internet. More than 500 of sites built each day are WordPress-run. (Kinsta)

06. Jobs Galore – Cha Ching!

The average salary for WordPress developers is $72,130. WordPress developers usually charge $50 per hour. (Simply Hired)

05. Over 55,000 Plugins

WordPress sites are easy to manage. Plugins extend the basic functionality of the WordPress CMS to help users personalize it for their unique needs. There are many free and paid plugin options available on the market, empowering you to make changes to WordPress that fit your budget.

02. Big Brand Names

Big name brands/businesses using WordPress such as The Obama Foundation, Rolling Stones, LollaPalooza, TED, WhiteHouse.gov, Angry Bird, and Sony Music, powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites (Kinsta). 2,645 of the top 10K websites on the web use WordPress. (BuiltWith)

03. Not Just for Blogging

Whether you want to create a basic website for a local business or a huge online store selling thousands of products, it can be done with WordPress. And, of course, it’s still great for blogging!

04. Did You Say Free

WordPress is totally free and open source. You never have to pay a dime for WordPress, and you can make any changes you want to the site’s code. You can use WordPress for whatever kind of site you want, and as many sites as you want, without purchasing additional licenses.

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